Loyalty Program

loyalty program

In a way to extend our “Thank You” to our customers for shopping with us, we offer a Loyalty Program. Customers can choose to be a part of this program and make great saves on their next purchase. They may even get their next purchase free of cost! So how our Loyalty Program actually works. It is really quite simple. When you purchase something every time, you will be earning some Loyalty Dollars as will be indicated on that item. There is no need for you to sign up. The Loyalty Dollars you earn are allocated into your account automatically. Check ‘My Account section to keep a track of all your Loyalty Dollars. A customer can also get more Loyalty Dollars by referring us to their friends. 

The most exciting part is how you can spend these Loyalty Dollars on our website. It is also very simple. First, you go about shopping on our website by selecting the item you want to buy. Then go to the shopping cart. After login, you will find access to the Loyalty Dollars you have earned previously. Then you can choose how many Loyalty Dollars you would like to use on your present purchase. It depends on you whether you want to use all your Loyalty Dollars or just a part of it to save some that you may use sometime later on some other purchase. We have designed our Loyalty program in a manner to ensure that our clients get to enjoy guaranteed savings on every purchase. The more Loyalty Dollars you will assimilated, the bigger saving you can make on the next order.

After your order has been paid in full and dispatched from our warehouse, your Loyalty Dollars get awarded into your account. After the completion of your order, the order confirmation that you receive will carry your Username and Password details. It is suggested that you store these details safely. The “My Account” section keeps a full statement of the Loyalty Dollars that you have earned and used.

However, there are certain terms and conditions that apply to our our Loyalty Program. These include:

  • Loyalty Dollars get allotted to your account only after the full payment of your order and its dispatch.

  • The validity period for the Loyalty Dollars is 1 year from the date they have been allotted.

  • The orders that get cancelled, declined or are fraudulent will not be awarded with Loyalty Dollars.

  • We do not award Loyalty Dollars on items that are free or for bonus, toward redeemed Loyalty Dollars while making a purchase or on postage costs.

  • Our Company retains full right to terminate or change our Loyalty Program at our own discretion. As and when this happens due to any reason, the Loyalty Dollars earned by our customers will not be affected. They can always available these points whenever they wish to on a purchase.
Most importantly, please enjoy and make the most of your dollars earnt. Happy shopping xxx